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 Eco-Fit Clothing is an organic workout clothing line that is made of GOTS certified and Fair Trade certified organic fabrics. This clothing is affordable and is designed for every-day use. It is also exceptional while working out. Our main fabric is organic cotton and is sourced from India. This cotton is grown naturally without any pesticides or chemicals, making it the best clothing for us to wear.

  • Why do you sell this product: The reason we sell our products is to give you the best organic workout clothing. These fabrics will feel better on your skin and will most importantly protect yourself from the exposure of toxic chemicals. For more information on why to pick organic clothing, Please click on our 'Why Organic Workout Clothing?' to learn why this is the best choice!
  • Location: New York
  • Mission Statement: With the combination of the organic, natural, and vibrant fibers that this earth nurtures and creates, Eco-Fit has brought to life and will supply you with the most simple yet cost effective apparel. It will not only make you feel good, but also help the world you live in!
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